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My dears -

In my purgings of all that is excess in my internet life, I am afraid I unknowingly erased the website which you are attempting to visit, my beloved Dream Cavern.

Perhaps it was fate, that a site whose wisdom had indeed grown stagnant without my proper attention for over a year (and with the addition of ads, which I could not prevent and which marred its face) should have finally died.

In any case, thus it stands. But it leaves a hole in my heart which must be filled again someday. Should I find the time soon, I will replace it with one which will be shinier, fuller and more user-friendly.

My knowledge of the Beauties remains; if you have questions, Dreamers, do not hesitate to send me a note. I will answer as best I can. Also, if you miss this site... do tell me. I will hasten my efforts to replace it, should there be more demand than I anticipate.

Thank you for your support for so long. If the Dream Beauties step forward again, I will link their new home from here.

May dreams guide you well,
Queen Crystaline